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Muir Woods – Mill Valley, Calif.

12 Jan

You have got to go here…Muir Woods – Mill Valley, Calif.

Do you think this view is worth $7.00?


I do, and I promise you  will too!

Now you may be asking yourself…where can I find such a beautiful sight? The Muir Woods of course!  Located less than an hour north from San Francisco is this majestic National Park full of redwood trees.


Before we go any further I have two big tips for you!!!  1. Go early – I mean it.  The parking is FREE and close parking is limited so unless you want to take a shuttle or park off-site I recommend you go right when the park opens. 2. Bring a sweater. Even on the sunniest of days the park is primarily shaded so you will want something to keep you warm.

OK, now that we got that covered let’s have some fun.  The entrance fee for the park is $7.00 for ages 16 and older and 15 and under are FREE!

When you enter pick up a map as there are several trails that you can take.  If you want to challenge yourself there are options for you, but a nice family stroll can also be achieved.  We decided on the loop around the park and started in the canyon and then took the hillside on the way back to change up the scenery – I highly recommend this!

One of my favorite parts of the walk is entering the Cathedral Grove.  The park asks that you remain quiet when entering so that you can become one with nature and just enjoy being amongst its beauty.

Really take the time to enjoy what you are seeing around you as you never know what cool things you will discover!

You can even be silly in nature!

Another thing I love about this park is that it is good for the whole family, so don’t be afraid to invite the whole crew for an awesome day out!


OH and don’t forget the best souvenir ever – a smashed penny! DSCN8685

So what will you see other than trees might you ask?  Well first off they are some of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring trees that you will ever see, but there is also a lot of history about the park to be learned (No, I am not going to tell you about it – you must discover it on your own!).

Happy Woodsing,


P.S. Are you hungry?  Well, I have some options for you!  You can eat at the cafe in the park or take a lovely drive north on Highway 1 and stop in Stinson Beach, a quaint little town with a lot of character. I recommend eating at The Lunch Box.  They have fresh sandwiches/salads/treats and you can take it over (or they will actually deliver it to you) to the park right across the street for a picnic!



The Yoda Statue – San Francisco, Calif.

1 Aug

You have got to go here…The Yoda Statue, San Francisco, Calif.!

This entry is for all the Star Wars lovers and any one who wants to see something really really cool!  I have to admit that I am not a fan of Star Wars (I know kill me now right?), I don’t hate them – they just aren’t for me. When my husband (HUGE Star Wars fan) proposed the idea of visiting the Yoda Statue I decided to humor him, but I ended up discovering something very neat!

First you have to know that Lucas Film Ltd. (where the statue is) is located in the Presidio, a former army post that is now a National Park.  This place is amazing in its own right.  There are museums, trails, restaurants, camping, and historic sites in the park…just to name a few, so when you are done looking at the statue make sure you spend the day exploring this wonderous open space.

Ok back to the reason we are here:)  The Yoda Statue is located at 1 Letterman Drive in the Presidio.  Google it, it is on the map.  There is parking right in front of the building, but it is private – keeping driving a few blocks down  and there will be a public pay lot on the right and left.  Once you park there is a very accessible walkway to the statue.  You can’t miss it…just look for the other tourists – believe me there will be some!

I have to admit that the statue was pretty darn cool.  No matter what you think, Star Wars is a huge part of American and pop culture and it was neat to be a part of it.  Take tons of pictures, they will make great memories!  In addition to the statue there is also something you will want to do especially if you are a Star Wars fan.  My suggestion is that you visit the statue during the week as if you do you can visit the lobby (and trust me, you WILL want to do this) of Lucas Film Ltd., which is located directly behind the statue.  It was awe-inspiring to see all of the memorabilia – my favorite was the MTV Movie award. Make sure to look at everything as you just might discover a treasure!  We were allowed to take pictures but were asked not to touch anything.  I ask you to respect this rule as not to mess it up for future fans who will come to pay homage.  Don’t be embarrassed to take lots of pictures as there are plenty of other people doing it too! 🙂 Check out my slide show below of the lobby!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After you are done getting your geek on, walk around the other buildings as there are some great statues that depict pioneers in the history of film.

Happy May the Force be With You,