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Oatman, Az.

13 Jun

You have got to go here…Oatman, Az.


OK, there are only two words that you really need to know when describing Oatman – WILD BURROS (more on them later)! And I have to say they are AWESOME…here is a sneak peek…


Nestled in the hills of Arizona, 30 miles south of Laughlin, Nev., off Historic Route 66, Oatman was once a gold mining town that dates back to the 1800’s.  At one time the town produced the most gold in the whole state.  DSC_0029

Today it is a cool western town filled with kitschy stores, saloons, history, beautiful scenery and of course – WILD BURROS! DSC_0033

I suggest you allot at least a few hours to take a step back in time and explore. There is plenty to do…why not take in an Outlaw Show, do some shopping, send a postcard, smash a penny, view some art or visit a mine?



AND that’s not all…stop in the Oatman Hotel, where Clark Gable and Carol Lombard spent their honeymoon night, for a Sarsaparilla (or an adult beverage) and ask about the history of the dollar bills that are placed on every open surface of the bar.

And there is still more fun to be had…you guessed it – WILD BURROS!  Left over from the gold mining days, these furry animals still roam and rule the streets today.  They are every where you turn and I loved it. Some stores even sell carrots so you can feed them!  CAUTION – these are wild animals so be careful.


Some days I feel like life passes me by because of the hustle and bustle of today’s world, but I am so glad that there are still places like Oatman that allow you to slow down and just enjoy some simple fun!

Happy Burroing,






The Grand Canyon Deer Farm – Williams, AZ

6 Dec

You have got to go here…The Grand Canyon Deer Farm – Williams, AZ!

Who loves to feed animals?  I do, I do!  And believe me you will to after a visit to this farm.

On a trip to the Grand Canyon a sign for the deer farm appeared like a beacon…taunting me with cute animals and the opportunity to meet Santa’s reindeer.  It had me at “this exit”.

Like he always does, my husband fed into my childlike giddy and headed towards the farm.  When we arrived Santa’s sleigh was right out front and ready for a driver – that’s me!

I was already excited, but little did I know that I was in for so much more fun!  I hurriedly paid the entrance fee (it is worth every penny – well to me at least!)….and then the doors opened!  There were deers everywhere and they are not shy, but not aggressive.  I highly suggest buying feed for them.  Once you do this though you will have tons of friends!  I never laughed so hard as they all headed towards me…

I think I forgot to mention this…the deers are free roaming, so if you or members of your family have a fear of animals this may not be the place for them.

I could have spent hours feeding them…I think we actually did.  Several hours later my husband finally told me that we were out of money (big fat lie) and it was time to go!  Oh by the way there are other animals to see…wallabies, cattle, camels and bison just to name a few – don’t worry these animals are all caged!

The Grand Canyon Deer Farm can be a quick stop or a several hour adventure.  No matter what you choose to do you are in store for unforgettable family fun and laughter.  I am so glad I saw the sign and stopped and I know you will be too!

The farm is located off I40 just one hour south of the Grand Canyon so you literally can not get to the canyon without going here…just kidding! Another great thing about the farm…it has been open since 1969 and is family owned.  I know some may say that this place is hokey, but it is also filled with traditions and wonder that are priceless!

Happy Feeding,