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Orange Balloon, Great Park – Irvine, Calif

14 Feb

You have got to go here…Orange Balloon, Great Park – Irvine, Calif.

Who wants to ride on a balloon that soars up to 400 feet?  OH and did I mention it’s FREE???

Up up and away!

Located in the Great Park, the Orange Balloon is open Thursday through Sunday (hours vary) on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I had heard about how fun the balloon was for years and finally decided to go check it out!  The sky was blue and the clouds were puffy on the day we went for a ride, so I knew we would be able to see for miles.  I had butterflies in my stomach, but was looking forward to the amazing view that we were about to witness.

Upon arrival head to the information center where you will sign up and be assigned a time to take your ride.  You may have to wait, but don’t fret there are things to keep you busy until your flight.  A playground, carousel and an art museum just to name a few are at your fingertips…and the best part – ALL FREE!

When it is your time, head towards the balloon and get ready for a great trip!

Ready to get on!

Once in the basket at the base of the balloon you will slowly rise up – at approx. 400 feet the balloon will stop ascending and give you a chance to take in all the sights for about five minutes.  Feel free to walk around the whole balloon to see Orange County from all the angles!

The ride is totally thrilling, but it is high so if you are afraid of heights this may not be the place for you.

As we headed back to the ground I was eager to fly again – next time I will for sure try the night flight!

My recommendation is to take a picnic lunch and when you are done with your flight, relax on the lawn and watch others take their journey…

The balloon from the ground.

Happy Flying,



Methuselah – Woodside, Calif.

1 Feb

You have got to go here…Methuselah – Woodside, Calif.

Are you in awe of gigantic trees?  I know the answer is yes, because who isn’t? Well, I have just the place for you and it is only 30 minutes south of San Francisco!

Yes, you read that right…this tree is over 1800 years old and it is massively beautiful!

My husband and I had been driving on scenic route 35 from Half Moon Bay through the Redwood Region when out of the corner of my eye I saw the sign above.  We were in no rush and our whole goal of the day was exploring, so we stopped.  We had no idea we would lay eyes on something so wonderous!

Nestled among what felt like an enchanted forest, there is a small trail leading to the tree – the stairs down to the base of the trunk can be a tad steep, but it is well worth it!

From the top the tree looks huge, but it wasn’t until I started walking to the base that I realized just how big it really was!  I know I always tell you this…but take your time.  Nature is AWESOME, so make sure you relish in every nook and cranny it has to offer.  In this case there is beauty at every angle of this tree!

This is just a quick stop, but if you prepare a lunch it would be a fantastic place to stop and have a picnic.  Bring a sweater and blanket as even though it was summertime when we went, it was freezing!

Now, there isn’t an address for this tree, so the best directions I can give you are it is on scenic route 35 about a quarter-mile south of Skeggs Point.  Along the route there are tons and tons of trails, so if you want to spend the day hiking, there will be plenty of options!

Happy Treeing,