Citizen Cake – San Francisco, Calif.

You have got to go here…Citizen Cake – San Francisco, Calif.

OK, so a small tidbit about me…I LOVE sweets!  If you do as well, Citizen Cake will be your new favorite place!  It is located at 2125 Fillmore St. in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco – side note…FABULOUS shopping here too!

Ever since I saw Chef Elizabeth Falkner on Top Chef Just Desserts, I knew that one day I had to experience her sweet creations…I was lucky enough to achieve that goal!

Citizen Cake is not only a dessert establishment, but a restaurant as well.  Fair warning, I did not eat savory food…I went straight for the good stuff!

Giddy with excitement I entered the dessert mecca…look at the view:

Every thing was beautiful and there was much to choose from…meringues, cookies, candy, mousse, cupcakes, pie…OH MY!  It was hard to decide, but we finally selected a lemon meringue tart and sea salted caramels – and milk of course!

It was like heaven, the desserts were fresh and tasty.  The meringue was light and fluffy and the lemon custard not to sweet and not to lemony – it was a gorgeous shade of yellow!  The caramels…OMG (excuse the slang), but really…they were creamy and the salt chaser completed the perfect taste.  I really wish I could have reviewed more of the goodies, but that is going to be your job!

In addition to the wonderful desserts, the ambiance is cool.  It is chic, upscale and romantic.  The decor is whimsical…it wasn’t only a meal, but an experience too!

I was really sad to leave, as places like this make me happy!  My suggestion is to go with a group so you can try several different things and go hungry!  This is a must stop in San Francisco and I can’t wait to go back…

On a side note, the staff was great…they were really nice and helped answer all our sweet questions.

Happy Desserting,



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