SLOW – Berkeley, Calif.

You have got to go here…SLOW – Berkeley, Calif.

I have lived my whole life in California and only until this summer did I ever venture into Berkeley – and I am sure glad I did.  My husband and I vowed to try to not plan everything on our trip so when we arrived in this beautiful college town we parked the car and started off on an adventure.

We didn’t get very far before I discovered an absolute gem.  It was on our way to the visitors center to get some maps that I found SLOW.  The simple yellow building with inviting smells and an amazing menu lured me in.

When I walked in I knew that this place was for me, it was a comfortable homey environment with a fresh menu.  There were so many options but I finally decided on the Caprese Puffed Pastry, Chick Pea Salad, Peanut Butter Cookie and Raspberry Lemonade.  Excuse my language, but OMG…the pastry was so light and amazing and had the perfect amount of toppings…the salad was super fresh…and the lemonade and cookie were the perfect sweet ending to my savory lunch.  I wish that I had more room for all of the yummy delights on the menu as everything looked delicious!

In addition to the fabulous food options, you may also choose to eat your meal in their dining room or relax outside in The Rose Garden.

I am a wimp and chose to eat inside and watch the chef prepare my meal.  Another very cool thing about this restaurant…you can actually watch your chef prepare your meal.  It was like watching an artist, I felt like I was in a five-star restaurant. I was AMAZED that the whole meal for both my husband and I cost under $13, considering the quality of the food and the high-end presentation I was shocked!

If I wasn’t so eager to explore more of Berkeley I would have stayed here all day.  I was so lucky to have found this great lunch or dinner spot right when I got into town.  My suggestion is to make time to eat one meal here. SLOW is located at 1966 University Ave and is not far from the entrance to CAL.  There is plenty of public parking around, but bring quarters as you may need them for the meter.

Finding SLOW is a true testament to why it is so fun and exciting to get out and explore a new city.  You just never know what you may find, especially what you may find to satisfy your tummy:)

Happy Eating,



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