Elephant Butte Inn and Spa, New Mexico

You have got to go here…Elephant Butte Inn and Spa, New Mexico.

I don’t know about you, but when I stay at a hotel I like to be comfortable, feel special and eat GREAT food, well you are in luck – the Elephant Butte Inn and Spa has all three!

If you are looking for a place to get a way and relax outside of the big cities of Albuquerque and Las Cruces, New Mexico, you must visit this quaint inn and spa owned and run by the LaFont family.   Yes, the town is small, but the inn has plenty of things to keep you occupied, such as a full-service spa, an outdoor-heated pool, and fantastic food (for me this was the best part-the food was fresh and they used local ingredients…the use of New Mexican green chiles was superb!)

Not far from the Inn are other attractions which make it a great weekend destination.  Visitors can spend the day playing at Elephant Butte Lake State Park, shop in the cute neighboring town of Truth or Consequences (yes that is really the name and it has some very cool unique stores), or soak in relaxing hot springs ( I visited some while I was there and was in heaven.)

The Elephant Butte Inn and Spa is such a versatile hotel, it is fitting for a girl trip, romantic weekend or family vacation.  There is something for everyone.  If you want an action packed weekend it can be accomplished or if you just want to to veg out, that can be arranged too!

Another thing I loved about the inn is that it is off the grid and somewhere the normal traveler might not know about.  I understand that it may not be a week long vacation destination – although once you visit you may change your mind, but if you are heading that way, give it a shot.

One last thing, the hospitality of the LaFont family was very welcomed as a lot of businesses these days don’t seem to care about their customers – but I was always greeted with a smile and treated like they knew me for years.  With the state of the economy these days, the value at this inn is fantastic at approx. $119 a night (they also offer a AAA discount along with others.)

So get out there and try something new as this summer, you will be glad you did!

Happy Inning,



One thought on “Elephant Butte Inn and Spa, New Mexico

  1. A few years back I had the pleasure of visiting Elephant Butte Inn and Spa during a long road trip. I had a stomach ache and simply tired from being on the road. The staff and the restaurant recommended their chicken soup. The chicken soup was delicious and helped me get over my stomach ache. I felt like it was like my mom’s soup. Plus staying their a few days was relaxing to help me get over the tiredness of being on the road. After all these years it’s good to read that the LaFont family still owes the inn. They know how to take care of their customers!

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